Did Avery Vote to Raise Your Taxes?

My opponent is engaging in the usual slight of hand. She is not admitting to what she did, she is denying what she was not accused of. She voted for two bills SB 1939 and SB 689 that increased taxes, this is a matter of public record. SB 1939 doubled our gas tax, increased diesel fuel tax, increased car licenses by $50, trailers even small ones by $100. According to the bill money from it is set aside for mass transportation, hiking trails and bike trails I guess we will see how much actually goes to roads. SB 689 is a tax on managed health care plans to pay for medicaid, so that those of us struggling to pay for our health insurance get to foot the bill for others. She told the State Journal Register that the gas tax increase was good for our district. I ask, was it good for you to pay more for your gas and licenses?


Lawrence Oliver

for State Representative

District 95

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